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Business with Soulful Alignment


The SoulPreneur Womenss Club creates and fosters a space to support women in letting their life speak through their business. It is a space of belonging, exploration and unleashing powerful potentials. 


Creating a purpose-driven business goes beyond setting up work centred around your passion. It's about creating and shaping a business of soulful alignment and a purpose-led enterprise.


We're artists and creators at heart, so we understand that navigating life and business is a matter of making art. We don't have all the answers, but we're enthusiastic about offering a space where questions turn into life-guidance, where the qualities of being a full women in business become clearer and gain greater depth.


Our soul-driven desire: That every women steps courageously into alignment ​and full-expression in bringing her innate creative power for the greater good of herself and this beautiful world we live in.

Join us! Claim your powers, design your own process authentically, make new leaps and steps into the truth of WHO YOU FULLY ARE.


Shelly is a Lighthouse who guides people to turn on their light from within. She's a transformation aficionado - more than a coach, a mentor, a meditation teacher or a clarity guide, she’s a Life Alignment master. She's spent the majority of her life figuring out what it means to be simply and beautifully YOU. She's practiced meditation and other spiritual practices since 2002. Coupled with her background as a business consultant, a dancer and a chef, Shelly loves showing people how they can find wholeness with all their passions and contradictions. 

Shelly ignited the SoulPreneur group in 2018 following an urge to bring women together to support one another in this creative and important journey of creating a soulfull aligned business.

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The latest images & impressions from our fabulous community!




September 18, 2019



Meeting Location in Zurich


50 - CHF

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Monthly Meetings in Zürich & Online


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